With Alivemeter Get A Combination of Lifestyle Analytics, Health Engagement, Cost Transparency and Un-Matched Service Solutions



Derive Benefit from Continuous Progress and Improvements

Life & Health Insurer

Medical Practitioners

Fitness Providers

Dietitians/ Nutritionists

Corporate Health

Business Solutions

Alivemeter offers clear benefits to our partners
  • Transparent client application process with opt-in functions.
  • Fully mobile and digital solution
  • High level of data security and data privacy
  • Speed to market
  • Quick and simple sign up and onboarding
  • Health and lifestyle data in real-time with a holistic approach to health & well-being
  • Lifestyle feedback by the coach system
  • Designed as an open platform
  • See the trends in engagement and well-being, changes in modifiable risk behaviors and the trends in outcomes, as reported via the Alivemeter Health dashboard.
  • Branding and personalization options

For Corporate and Insurers

  • Our data is securely protected using state-of-art cryptographic methods. Alivemeter protects individual privacy, all corporate reports are fully anonymized. Our partners and employers only see aggregated data, that is meaningful at a group or a population level.
  • Our reports can be "sliced and diced" using a variety of filtering criteria to narrow down on a specific target group. These include demographic filters (such as age, gender, etc.) or organizational filters (such as department, job role, employee location, etc.)

For Nutritionist & Fitness Trainers

  • Opportunity to introduce a fee-based recurring revenue model with your customers.
  • Track your consumers with a holistic approach to health and well-being, including exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep.
  • Dashboard to know consumer interaction on a real-time basis and give instant suggestions.

For Medical Practitioners

(Diabetes clinic, Cardiac Clinics, Lifestyle Management Clinics)
  • Track and monitor your patients remotely having their reports at one place.
  • Understand your patients daily lifestyle with a holistic approach to health and well-being, including exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep.
  • Let the patients connect with you over email and video.
  • Share articles and stories with your patients.
  • Let your patients manage their daily life via Alivemeter APP, with EHR, calorie counter, diet plans and health tracking. View their progress real-time on your dashboard.